2. Super Premium Dinosaur Birthday Party (ages 5+)

or Super Raptors (ages 3 & 4)

 Our Fossil Dig & Panning Activities are for children 3+
due to the small size of specimens

Step it up a bit with the
Super Premium Dinosaur Birthday Party...
Kids keep twice the amount of specimens.  Plus you also get
   GREAT GOODIE BAGS, see below...
(AGES 5+)
(over 18 children an additional $20 perDinosaur Birthday Partychild (21st, etc.)

Your get Everything above in Premium Package PLUS ...
Dinosaur Goodie Bags loaded with 6+ fun toys. 
 Why bother spending an hour or more going to the store to find goodie bag items when you can get it from us for 1/2 price!
Goody Bags may include the following: Dinosaur Grabber, Dinosaur Glider, Dinosaur Straw, Dinosaur Tattoo, Dinosaur Ruler, Dinosaur Kaleidoscope, Dinosaur Finger Puppet or other Dinosaur-related item in stock

UPGRADED DIG -- Your fossil dig will also be
loaded with Dinosaur Birthday Partybeautifully polished (agate) stones from Brazil, plus sparkling pyrite ("fool's gold") and other great minerals see below...

With the Super Premium Dinosaur Party your guests will get to keep Ten (10) Specimens for their very own collection (instead of just 5)

Beautiful AMethyst Crystals can be found in the Super Premium Dinosaur Party Fossil Dig
Many different types of polisehd agates can be found in your Super Premium dig.
Polished Agates
Citrine Points are beautiful and you can get them with the Super Premium Dinosaurs Rock Dinosaur Birthday Party.
Citrine Points
Fools Gold or Pyrite is added to your dig.

Add Some Really cool UPGRADES To Your Party

 Call us at (845) 368-DINO (3466)
or 1-800-411-DINO (3466)

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