1. Premium Dinosaur Birthday Party & Little Raptors (ages 3 & 4)
 Our Fossil Dig & Panning Activities are for children 3+
due to the small size of specimens

(AGE 5+)

(over 12 children, additional $15 per child)

Your party includes an amazing educational and fun
Dinosaur Presentation
using Museum-Quality Dinosaur, Fossil and Mineral specimens.   Imagine a Real Museum in your own backyard or home!

Your guests will take home
5-Genuine Fossils of their choice ranging from Dinosaur Bone, Petrified Wood, Fossil Coral, Crinoid Stems, Ammonites, Trilobites, Fossil Shark Teeth and more.

Genuine Fossil Dinosaur Bone can be found in your Dinosaurs Rock Dinosaur Birthday Party Dig.
Genuine Dinosaur Bone
These Genuine Fossil Trilobites are over 500 Million Years Old and Can Be Found In Your Dinosaurs Rock Birthday Party Fossil Dig.

Genuine Fossil Shark Teeth can be found in your Dinosaurs Rock Dinosaur Birthday Party Dig.
Fossil Shark Teeth

Fossil Coral can be part of your new fossil collection you get from a Dinosaurs Rock Dinosaur Birthday Party Fossil Dig.
Fossil Coral

Then, we'll go on a Dinosaur Egg Hunt where your guests will find colorful Dinosaur Eggs - we'll even hatch them at your Dinosaur Party!

We'll finish off with a RING TOSS over a Life-Size T-Rex Foot
Each Dinosaur Party guest will
Win A Toy Dinosaur!

Add Some Really cool UPGRADES To Your Party

There's nothing cooler than a Dinosaurs Rock Dinosaur Birthday Party.
Call us at (845) 368-DINO (3466)
or 1-800-411-DINO (3466)

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